Open Letter to my Niece after Womens March Denver 2017

Hi Buddy!


Today you, your mom and I were part of something big and my heart is swelling with pride for us, for our city, and for the goodness of human spirit that took to the streets today in unity to protest the state of our country. History books will have their story, but in this moment I can tell you that, after the 2016 election, we found ourselves feeling scared, overwhelmed, divided, and silenced by a big part of the country and by our new government with Trump at the helm. But while that's how we felt, what we did was take action. We felt scared and we stayed awake and engaged. We felt overwhelmed and we organized movements and marches. We felt divided and we joined our sisters and brothers in supporting women and minorities, 200k marchers took to the streets in Denver alone. We felt silenced and we spoke, make signs, chanted, cried, and roared. I dont know what will happen tomorrow. I dont know if laws will change or our government will listen. But I do know that lives were changed today. No matter the final outcome, we made a difference.

I hope your mom and I continue to show you by words and actions that you matter, that it is important to stand up for yourself and for your rights and for what you believe is right, that the worth of your actions isnt in outcome but in intention and kindness, and that you should not pass up an opportunity (no matter how small or insignificant it might seem) to participate in an empowered life. 


With your big heart, smart brain, and kind strength, I know you will be a part of whatever your generation's Womens March 2017 might be. I will be proud stand with you (figuratively or literally) when that day comes. 


Love you!

Aunt Erika